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What's this All About?

Welcome hot sauce lovers, chiliheads, pepper growers, and everyone else who's interested in the hot n' spicy. We created this site for a few reasons:

  • To provide a comprehensive and kickass list of every hot sauce.
  • To allow anyone to rate and review hot sauces in the same manner as a wine or ale, not as part of a storefront.
  • To build a community around this common passion and to support hot sauce makers / creators.

What was the last hot sauce you tried? Did it forever change you in ways that can only be expressed by song and finely crafted prose? Or would you dismiss it with a shrug and a half-hearted nod? Register for a free account and submit your rave review. Can't find the right words? We've started a guide on how to review a hot sauce that will help you out.

If you're not doing a review, and just want to submit your sauce to our hot sauce list (maybe it's your own product), you can: add it to our list / database.

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