Original "Louisiana" Brand Hot Sauce

Original "Louisiana" Brand Hot Sauce



Bruce Foods Corporation
New Iberia , LA, United States




12 oz


Aged Cayenne Peppers, Vinegar, Salt


Official: "ORIGINAL Louisiana Hot Sauce is the hot sauce of Louisiana, a distinction that no other hot sauce can make. It can be considered as one of the very first commercially available Cajun food products, first introduced to the public as a delicious condiment, world famous for its delicious flavor and unique flavor enhancement properties.

Although dozens of imitators have used the "Louisiana" name to promote their hot sauce products, many of them aren't made in Louisiana and most are not certified Cajun hot sauces. Blended from authentic long cayenne peppers, Louisiana Hot Sauce is the first and the best. Our cayenne chile peppers are sun-ripened, carefully selected, and handpicked."

User Reviews

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  • A4.5

    Reviewed by on February 5th, 2017

    • Taste: 4
    • Aroma: 4
    • Looks: 4
    • Heat: 2.6
    • Label: 3.4


    Familiar label features a big red dot.


    Looks deep red- like finely ground chiles in vinegar.


    Smells like fresh pickled peppers in stainless steel drum.


    Fresh pepper taste with prominent vinegar and salt. Basically unaged Tabasco. I have been to both factories and the peppers come from the same fields. The brighter redder ones go to Tabasco and the rest go to Louisiana brand.


    Sweet and medium hot. A little sprinkle imparts slight heat and salty tase. If you dump a whole lot into canned chili if makes a nice compliment. Decen marinade for grilled chicken. OUTSTANDING with butter on chicken wings!!


    High ranking for price and ease of buying in almost any grocery store. This sauce can be substituted for catsup on hot dogs for a little extra kick. You can also use it to extend a can of chili into 2 bowls- add some crackers and makes a delicious easy dinner :) Tasting it straight from the bottle produces slight heat on the tongue and opens the sinuses. This is a gentlle medium hot sauce- a crowd pleaser for those who are not die hard chiliheads.

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